About Pink Boots Hire

Pink Boots Hire is an access equipment company providing scissor lifts, knuckle booms, cherry pickers and more to the trade, industrial and construction industries. $10 from every hire is donated the the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre.

Why the Pink Boots?

Another cause very close to our hearts, we have had two aunties go through breast cancer, so we have decided to help Steel Blue give breast cancer the Boot. The boots we wear as part of our uniform are designed for safety and comfort but best of all, $10 from every pair sold goes directly towards people across Australia that are affected by breast cancer.

To show your support or find out more, visit the Steel Blue website

Our People

Jess Gilchrist


Jess wants to live in a world filled with innovative businesses. She is an exuberant go getter and constantly poised to tackle the next big challenge. Jess sees what she does as more than a job, she is on a mission to transform and illuminate, with a sharp eye for detail and execution. In 2015 she beat a serious battle with cancer and of course, she approached her cancer journey the same way she faces every bump in the road, with tenacity and optimism. Jess is a powerhouse.

Jake Gilchrist


Jake is full of energy and thrives on life. He is a dedicated family man, has a strong interest in business, is a qualified electrician with a specialty in solar and likes to be hands on. He is practical in his work and a problem solver. Jake is passionate and always looking for ways to move the business forward. He is a lover of the ocean and approach with caution should you bring up fishing (you may never be able to leave)

Hugh Gilchrist


Hugh is the jack-of-all-trades. He has been in business for over 30 years and is very passionate about mentoring Jake and Jess through a successful career – so he can retire! Hugh has a number of businesses in the manufacturing and construction field. Focus and motivation is an understatement for Hugh, he literally lives and breathes business and absolutely loves it. He has a strong interest in building and developing as a sole proprietor. Hugh is a dynamo.

Amy Bartlett


Amy brings the positive energy and motherly instinct. She has this special gift of bringing ‘mum’ into the office every day. Always remembering birthdays, treating everyone with cakes, has a consistent caring nature and is such a team player. Amy is a hard worker and really wants Pink Boots to succeed. She has a great attitude, exceptional attention to detail and if things could be improved and done in a more efficient way, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and voice her suggestions. We love this about Amy.

Howard Galvin

Operations & Truck Driver

Aka ‘Howie’ is the main man for all things operations. He is constantly being the Pink Boots problem solver. Whether it is fixing machines, welding metal, repairing trailers, explaining to clients how to operate equipment or coming up with new ways to make things easier for our clients. Don’t be fooled by his tattoos and love for big boy toys, Howie is a big softy at heart. Family man, previous career in Criminal law, Howie has a love for life and someone we can always count on.

Warren Fowler


Warren, aka ‘Wazza’ is a man of routine. This is a quality that is imperative to the Pink Boots family. He is loyal, has a sense of humor (he did take a little time to crack) and consistently on time. Warren has a navy service background and you can certainly see the training history in his everyday practices. Nothing worries Warren, he is always open to learning new things, is team player and most importantly is always cautious and careful on the roads.


To improve the well-being and make a difference in the lives of people going through cancer


  • Contribute $10 from every hire to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre
  • Guarantee prompt and reliable service
  • Always meet the EWP compliance requirements
  • Provide quick and easy access for pick up and delivery


  • Positive Impact – Be positive and solution orientated at all times with our clients, suppliers and key partners. Contribute funds to the Olivia Newton John Centre. Inspire every person throughout our business journey
  • Transparency – Be open and honest at all times with clear and concise communication
  • Family – Love unconditionally no matter what life and business challenges we face
  • Respect – Treat everyone the way we wish to be treated
  • Growth – Achieve our vision, the more we grow the more people will help. Growth will also help to accomplish personal goals